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It’s Friday night and big things are on the agenda. Your significant other suggests trying out a new restaurant in the area. “Sounds great,” you reply as you pull out your phone and open Facebook or Instagram.

Scrolling through endless amounts of bars, restaurants, maybe even fine dining if it’s a payday, just checking to see what’s new and where people have been tagged recently.

Narrow it down to three bars for a pre-dinner cocktail and a couple of choices for an intimate dinner setting…and then hit the search button. Within seconds there you are combing through each social media page of the potential destinations on the list.

One bar has some okay looking photos but are kinda blurry.

The other bar has a lengthy showcase of handcrafted cocktails, professionally done, with a lengthy amount of tags.

And the other, well, they don’t have social media at all.

Which one are you going with?

Repeat the process for the romantic dinner afterward and think about what just happened. When deciding on new businesses to spend that hard earned money on a Friday night, the Facebook or Instagram presence for all was a critical, deciding factor.

And with that, the team at Brand25 Media says hello, that’s where we come in. In 2020, perhaps more so than any other year yet, a company’s social media presence, as well as the look and feel of it’s social channels, are as important as ever. More and more consumers are jettisoning to Instagram to look for a perfect photo of the chef’s new dish instead of looking up a website with a menu that features not one photo of a meal.

This is our world, this is our new reality.

Whether it’s a bar or restaurant, golf course, mortgage company, or that coffee shop around the corner, the branding presented on social media is often times going to be the first time a new potential customer sees who you are and what you are all about.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” we all learned that growing up, so that’s not to say this new form of discovery is fair all the time, but it is happening and happening at a rapid pace with businesses being provided a very short window of an attention span to get a like, a follow or a satisfied tag.

Established in 2019, Brand25 Media immediately began working with local companies to establish and increase that so important social media and online presence. This isn’t a one size fits all operation, what’s good for a financial company on social media might not be good for a community ice cream shop, and vice versa, but what’s clear is how vital it is to understand what the messaging needs to be and tapping into that market with calculated, and consistent posts on a near daily basis.

We live in a digital marketing world where some have better relationships with their phone or tablet than they do some of their closest friends. Small businesses are a critical component to our nation and the economy, and the team at Brand25 Media would like to be that marketing branch for any who have fallen behind.

Based in Royal Oak, Michigan, Brand25 Media works with over 20 companies in the state and beyond, in need of digital marketing, branding, podcast production, and more. People spend 25-percent of their day on their phone. If you’d like to tap into that 25-percent, contact us today.

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