Workers at a power plant jobsite

Brand25 Partner Spotlight: SG Energy Solutions turbine power plant jobsite visit

by George Fox
Director of Media, Brand25

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the phrase “nuts and bolts” as “the practical facts about a particular thing, rather than theories or ideas about it.”

Before visiting an SG Energy Solutions worksite I knew about as much as one can know from digesting a website and having a few conversations. To know more I had to go to the source and capture as much as I could. While visiting one of their worksites I saw their mission statement in action. It reads, “connecting people, power and passion with solutions around the globe,” but seeing the people doing their jobs, feeling the elements and the pressure gave me a deeper understanding of just what this company does. 

Turbine Doctors

When a power plant has a problem — they call SG Energy Solutions. They’re known as the turbine doctors. Gas-powered turbines to be exact. These powerful machines generate massive amounts of electricity for the world’s electrical grid. And occasionally they need repairs and upgrades. That’s where a knowledgeable team like the one at SG Energy Solutions comes in. They’ve coined the term Turbine Cardiogram or TKG. According to their website, “Similar to an echocardiogram (EKG) that uses sound waves and other technology to produce images of your heart to identify heart disease, TKG™ technology allows us and/or our clients to monitor and diagnose the inner workings of their turbine(s).” 

Workers at a power plant jobsite
(credit: George Fox)
Unforgiving Work

Their first job was trial by fire. What started as a way to help a friend turned into a logistical problem as they had two weeks to get through industry approvals, assemble a team, tools and supplies to clear customs to Malmo, Sweden.

As Director of Media at Brand25 I recently had the privilege of capturing some of this work. I’m responsible for directing our audio and photographic production. This project had unique challenges being an active worksite in extreme elements. Although I was only there for a few hours — I have a new respect for people performing at a high level in this setting. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Site Manager Van Wade, whose no-nonsense leadership style had his team fully engaged. Many SG team members were bustling around a metal box about the size of a train car called a turbine house. They were fitting pipes and pulling cable for an upgrade that I’ll never fully understand. That’s kind of the point though. They are specialists in this complex line of work.

“There’s little margin for error,” said Wade in reference to the challenging and often remote nature of some of their jobs. Like while working in Pakistan — you can’t simply run to the home improvement store when you run out of something.

Culture of Service

“A lot of the people we work with are former Navy,” said EVP of Sales and Operations Desmen Siders as we drove away from the site cooling off from the scorching temps. He explained that the turbines are similar to ones that power those ships. 

“I’ll have to get you my nephew’s resume,” I said as I thought of how one could do quite well for themself in this line of work. My nephew served in the Navy as a Hull Technician class 2 off the coast of Japan. If one was inclined, why not work for a company that doesn’t use the word “employee”. It’s not anywhere in their handbook materials. It’s part of their efforts to build a more cohesive and positive team. 

Team members closest to the clients are internally given high priority at SG Energy Solutions. “Our organization chart is literally flipped upside-down. Where you have me and the accounting department etc at the base, at the bottom, to serve and to lift up …” said CEO Derron Sanders

Actual Nuts and Bolts

While wrapping up our shoot, a team member came up to the man in charge, Van Wade, looking for a specific part. The man held some tiny hardware in his hand, which Wade likely had inside his trailer, or “Magic Box”, so named because it looks tiny on the outside, but contains a multitude of creature comforts, tools and parts including a full-featured office for Wade. I looked in the man’s hand and remarked, “we’re really getting down to the nuts and bolts here”. And that’s what it means to learn about a company. You have to go to the real location to experience it and truly understand the work.

Thank you Desmen, Derron and Van for the opportunity to learn about SG Energy Solutions and capture a glimpse of the vital work the team is doing. 

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