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Brand25 Partner Profile: Dan Wega of Wega’s Fine Finishes

Looking to spruce up your home with an updated kitchen or bath? Maybe you want to liven up the cabinets or change up the tile? Perhaps your bedroom needs a fresh coat of paint?

Our great partners from Wega’s Fine Finishes are the team to call for any job like this and much more in the metro Detroit area. Led by Dan Wega and his son Nathan, the namesake group boasts over three decades of experience in home remodeling and construction coupled with a commitment to the customer that is unmatched.

“The way that we try to be different is that we’re not just your regular construction guys,” Dan explained. “We’re a father and son duo that have built this thing from scratch. We take great pride in the service that we have built but we take even more pride in the work that we do and stand for. We care about every single project that we deliver and making sure the customer is always satisfied.”

Dan grew up in Birmingham, graduating from Seaholm in 1984. He moved out to California and worked as a forest firefighter while also learning to frame homes. He earned a leadership role in the latter and learned all the trades associated with literally building a house from the ground up.

He saw firsthand how both builders and remodelers often use shoddy and sometimes dishonest tactics with clients, something that both angers and drives his work.

“When someone lives in a home, that place is sacred to them. It is obviously one of the most important places in their entire life,” Dan said. “When they decide to remodel or add something to it, it is a very big decision and an investment. Often there is simply poor quality from a typical remodel and sadly sometimes there is deceiving or bad work done. That is unacceptable. I’m never going to say that I’m better than anybody else but I believe that we can put in great quality work and I promise that we will stand behind everything we do. Customer service is the most important thing for us and we want to make sure the customer is happy with quality work at a quality price.”

Seeing a customer pleased is the absolute barometer for Wega’s Fine Finishes.

“We never accept hearing from a customer ‘is that good enough?’ while on a job. If that is asked, then it is not good enough,” Dan remarked. “We want the customer to believe that their money was very well spent and want perfection. We want to be the best and when you hear our company name a customer will know that we won’t let you down, that’s the ultimate goal.”

Dan recalled a recent project in Grosse Pointe that showcases Wega’s work ethic and commitment to the customer.

“We were working with a homeowner that had some extensive masonry work done,” Wega explained. “The masons came in and the mortar was the wrong color and the brick didn’t match. It wasn’t structurally bad but it just did not look right. I personally came in and tore everything out and redid it at no cost to them. I can’t walk away and have the customer sitting there wishing that I had done better.”

While 2020 was obviously a strange year in many respects, it proved to be the biggest year ever for Wega’s Fine Finishes. With many being stuck at home during quarantines, home remodeling projects were in high demand.

“We had an extremely busy year but it was very satisfying to bring some happiness to people through our work in what was a really weird year,” Dan said. “Being able to come in and bring some joy to people through work was very satisfying.”

Dan’s work ethic, commitment and morals are also matched and further showcased by his ability to overcome adversity. In July of 2015, Dan was diagnosed with cancer. It started in his tonsils and spread throughout his head, neck and left lung.

He underwent severe treatments and clinical trials and in 2016 had to be put on a feeding tube after losing the ability to swallow and dropping over 50 pounds. Despite all of this, Dan was committed to his craft.

“I couldn’t focus on my sickness and I simply couldn’t sit around anymore,” Dan said. “I would fill myself with liquids in the morning and wrap the feeding tube around my stomach and get to work. I wanted my kids to know that you can overcome adversity by hitting it head on and keep on moving. I simply focused on the positives. I was tired and it was tough, but I never wanted to play the role of victim.”

Now proudly cancer-free, Dan is proud to see his son following in his footsteps on each and every job site.

“When Nathan was around 5 or so he would help out by sweeping up and doing little chores,” Dan said. “Then he really started working with us full-time when he was 18. He has grown immensely and I am so proud of him.”

To schedule an appointment or arrange an estimate, call 520-975-5127 or visit wegasfinefishes.com.

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