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Companies Now Spend More Money On Digital Advertising Than Traditional.

It was inevitable, and it finally happened in 2019. : United States companies spent more money on digital advertising than they did on traditional advertising.

(And keep in mind… This was BEFORE the Coronavirus pandemic unfortunately occurred and shifted the market even more towards digital.)

Digital advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google is now bigger in the US than traditional advertising businesses like TV, radio, and newspapers.

This illustrates how important and effective digital advertising is.

Reach Your Target Audience Through Digital Advertising

It’s incredible how closely you can target advertisements on social media. Our team will work with you to establish your objectives, and execute all aspects of your digital advertising campaigns. This includes the creative execution, detailed targeting, re-targeting, split testing, optimizing, reporting and more. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the organic form of digital advertising that we do. This involves doing a full audit of your website, keyword research, and a competitor analysis. We work with you to identify the keywords and areas you want to rank higher for on Google. We optimize your current website and also create consistent content with a simple, and highly measured, goal of getting your website to rank higher on Google.

Social Media Advertising

Based on your company's product or service offerings, we will determine the best social platforms for you to advertise on. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or one of the many others. We will handle the creative, copy, detailed targeting, split testing, re-targeting and reporting. We will make sure your advertisements are optimized and reaching your exact target audience. These visual platforms are great for brand exposure, direct sales, and growing your customer base.

Paid Search (SEM)

Our team will create, target, and optimize extremely detailed ROI-driven advertisements on search engines. It's amazing how far your dollar can go when targeted correctly on Google to your precise audience and ideal consumer. Once again, 90% of people admit they search a company online before buying or visiting. SEM is a great way to ensure your business is ranking at the very top of Google for your desired keywords.

Influencer Advertising

With access to a very lengthy influencer list, we can help get your messages across by calling upon our connections to post about your business online. Influencer marketing is massive right now and it's all about selecting the RIGHT fit for your company. People buy into People, and the right influencer campaign can do wonders for your business.

Let Us Help You!

We are happy to provide you with a free consultation. This includes a strategy phone call and custom tailored proposal.

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